Bucksnort History

This Is the Real Deal, Folks!

When you step into the Bucksnort saloon, you are surrounded by the rich and colorful history that encompasses this special part of Colorado. In the late 1800s, the Denver and South Park Railroad, a narrow gauge railroad, ambled its way along the Platte River from Union Station in Denver eventually making its way through South Park and to Buena Vista.

Along its mountain route, the railroad town of Pine was founded. Pine Grove was once a favored destination place for tourists from the Denver Metro area back in the day when the railroad provided transportation from Denver through the Pine Valley to Pine Grove. Upstream on Elk Creek, the summer community of Sphinx Park was established. The rustic log cabins still remain, perched precariously on rock outcroppings and ledges. The center of activity was the Sphinx Park Mercantile, which now houses the Bucksnort Saloon.

This real mountain bar, with its graffiti-covered, and rough-sawn walls is famous for authentic mountain charm, great food and drinks. Today, the Bucksnort is a favorite stop off for bikers, sight-seers and mountain bikers coming from Buffalo Creek.